15/25kV 600A Deadbreak Elbow Connector

15/25kV 600A
Deadbreak Elbow Connector

  • Standard:ANSI / IEEE Std. 386
  • Features:Pure copper conductor / 100% PD tested

This Deadbreak Elbow Connectors provide a convenient method to terminate and splicing main feeder circuits. It is fully-shielded, fully-submersible and meets the industry standard ensures mechanical and electrical interchangeability with other manufacturers also in conformance with ANSI/IEEE Standard 386 – Separable Insulated Connector Systems. All Goodwell Deadbreak Elbows Connector have been tested in accordance with the requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 386-2006, Separable Insulated Connector Systems for Power Distribution Systems above 600 Volts.

Technical Data

Voltage and Current Ratings 15kV Class 25kV Class
Operating Voltage
Maximum Phase-to-Phase 14.4kV 26.3kV
Maximum Phase-to-Ground 8.3kV 15.2kV
Withstand Voltage
AC: 50Hz or 60Hz , 60 sec 34kV 40kV
DC: 15 minutes 53kV 78kV
Impulse Voltage Withstand
1.2 x 50μs 95kV 125kV
Corona Extinction Level
< 3 pC 11kV 19kV
Continuous Current 600Amp 600Amp
Symmetrical Momentary Current 10kA sym. for 10 cycles (0.17s)
Type Number (N: size code 1~7) DTE26N DTE26N