Smart Electro-Arc Suppressor [SEAS]

Smart Electro-Arc Suppressor



Arc-suppressing is a totally new concept other than wording of arc-quenching or arc-suffering. The laters are intending to distinguish the electro-arc when it is occurred from power line apparatus. Arc-suppressing on contrary, is to prevent electro-arc occurrence from its source. SEAS-EM3 Smart Electro-Arc Suppressor [SEAS] is the world first design to make the Arc-suppressing come true. By parallel connecting SEAS to every existing AC magnetic contactor, vacuum contactor, power relay and general switches will make them from a serious arcing device to a total arc-free device. SEAS by-pass arcing-circuit before arcing voltage will be formed, a magic performance supported by an advanced, and world patented technologies.

Theory of Operation

By extra high speed detecting / reacting electronic control circuit and a by-pass semiconductor, every single movement of the contactor or switch, will be detected, and instruct by-pass semiconductor to cross over mechanical type contacts of contactor/switch before the contacts open or close, therefore no arcing voltage crossing the mechanical contacts, no arc occurred.


  • Much higher overloading capability.
  • Require no replacement, no rewiring of existed arcing contactor or switches.
  • Reduce power outage time from improving existing magnetic contactor's service life.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Additional Benefits on SEAS:
    • Arc-less making (close)
    • Arc-less breaking (open)
    • Power source indication
    • Product on service indication
    • Self diagnostic function
    • Phase loss protection (option)

Catalog Numbers and Definition

Cat. No. Maximum Operating Voltage Rated Current Maximum Conducting Time
SEAS-EM3/40-450I 450V 40A < 10MS
SEAS-EM3/63-450I 450V 63A < 10MS
SEAS-EM3/80-450I 450V 80A < 10MS
SEAS-EM3/100-450I 450V 100A < 10MS
SEAS-EM3/125-450I 450V 125A < 10MS
SEAS-EM3/160-450I 450V 160A < 10MS
SEAS-EM3/250-450I 450V 250A < 10MS
SEAS-EM3/400-450I 450V 400A < 10MS
SEAS-EM3/630-450I 450V 630A < 10MS
  • Maximum operating voltage is adjustable from customer's requirement, voltage range is between 110V-690VAC.
  • Suffix IPC is for capacitor load.
  • This device shall not be used for DC power line.
  • This device shall not be used as a disconnecter switch