Smart Hybrid Switch [FSHS]

Smart Hybrid Switch

  • Series:[FSHS] 60A-80A, 250V-450VAC
  • Standard:IEC 60947-4-1


FSHS is a low cost high performance switch, designed for low-voltage Power Factor Correction (PFC) application. Hybrid is the combination of mechanical contacts and solid-state relay. Smart-control is to guarantee zero-making (close) voltage phase angle and zero-breaking (open) current phase angle, resulting in extreme low making in-rush current to protect capacitor from impacts of surge current, to prevent over voltage associated with harmonics, and to prevent contacts from arcing deterioration. Therefore, Smart Hybrid Switch processes both advantages: low power consumption from magnetic relay and zero-making/zero-breaking functions from by-pass thyristor. To consider the environment protection, FSHS is one of the best product of Green-Energy, the best choice for you.


  • Extremely low power consumption: FSHS's main contacts are magnetic-coil relay, it consumes none electricity except when in making or breaking stage.
  • Natural cooling is more than enough, due to low contacts resistance, no heat will produce on contacts, extra cooling device is not necessary, save components and save power.
  • Compare to similar switches in existing market, FSHS patented [energy storage type zero-phase angle detecting technology] ensures each making or breaking operation: proceeded at accurate zero point of voltage or current wave. This guarantees long service life of FSHS itself and no surge current or over voltage to the loads (capacitors) connected to it.
  • Compare to similar switches in existing market, FSHS patented [current feedback capacitor store energy technology], this minimizes by-pass time to be less than half cycle of time.

Protective Functions Provided

  • Voltage fail and phase loss
  • Source voltage phase loss
  • Self-failure diagnostic
  • No load
  • Power outage
  • Inter-locking protection (only thyristor ON, then magnetic relay allow to close)

Installation Circumstance

  • Temperature: -25°C ~ +45°C
  • Relative Humidity: 20% ~ 90% at 40°C

Technical Data

Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Working Voltage 250VAC / 450VAC
Circuit Power Consumption ≤ 3VA
Voltage Drop Across Contacts ≤ 0.1V
Load Connection Δ for 3 phase
Y for single phase
Interval Time Required
(between making and breaking)
≥ 1 second
Interval Time Required
(for consequent twice making)
≥ 10 seconds
Withstand Voltage Across Contacts ≥ 1600V
Control Signal 12VDC
Control Response Time < 20ms
Life Expectancy 100,000 times

Application Load Capacity Table

Type Cat. No. R-Voltage R-Current Capacitor Loads Other Loads Control Voltage/Current
FSHS 3 Phase Common Control GW-F450V/60G 450V 60A ≤ 30Kvar ≤ 30KW 6-16VDC
GW-F450V/80G 450V 80A ≤ 40Kvar ≤ 40KW 6-16VDC
GW-F450V/80GN 450V 60A ≤ 45Kvar ≤ 45KW 6-16VDC
GW-F450V/80GN 450V 80A ≤ 68Kvar ≤ 68KW 6-16VDC
FSHS 3 Phase Individual Control GW-F250V/60F 250V 60A ≤ 10Kvar*3 ≤ 10KW*3 6-16VDC
GW-F250V/80F 250V 80A ≤ 14Kvar*3 ≤ 10KW*3 6-16VDC
For special load control, please contact us.