Fault Circuit Indicator

Fault Circuit Indicator

  • Standard:IEEE Std. 495


  • Find the system's faulted point at first moment, shorter outage time, lower customers' complaints.
  • Only one in the market has a tripping time-current curve (TCC).
  • TCC coordinates with upper stream fuse (power fuse) or circuit breaker to eliminate misapplication and increasing reliability.
  • The simplest way to find the fault location, reducing system operating costs.
  • Lithium Mg. Battery powers for 15 years lifetime.
  • Accept wide range of cable outside diameter from 40~75mm.
  • Provide remote indication feature for smart grid application.

Technical Data

Ratings Type: FIR600 Type: FIR1000
Phase Single-Phase Single-Phase
Trip Current 600A±10% rms 1000A±10% rms
Reset By Current Current
Min. Reset Current 12A rms 12A rms
Max. Continuous Current 200A rms 600A rms
Max. Reset Time at 12Amp 120 Sec. 120 Sec.
Auto. Reset Time (No Current Flows) 4Hrs.±10% 4Hrs.±10%
Output Contact (Latch Type) Dry Contactor ; 24VDC > 50mA Dry Contactor ; 24VDC > 50mA
Output Wire AWG #22, 2.05 m AWG #22, 2.05 m
Battery Capacity Lithium Mg. 3.6V 2400mAh Lithium Mg. 3.6V 2400mAh
Acceptable Cable Outside Diameter 40~50 mm2 (AWG #1) 55~75 mm2 (500MCM)
Housing Material Polymer Material Polymer Material
Expected Lifetime 15 years 15 years