Street Lighting Control

Street Lighting Control

  • Standard:IEC Std. 529 / IEC Std. 60947
  • Features:Arcless contactor / Surge surpressor

Goodwell Type VSL-616 Street Light consists of vacuum contactor, no-fuse breaker and with an aluminum alloy die casting switch box.

Technical Data

Rating (Main Terminal) 240VAC , 135A
Operating Voltage 240VAC + 10% ~ -20%
Protective Switch MCCB 1P , 150A , 10KA
Control Device Light Sensor or Time Control Switch

Switch Ratings

Frequency 60Hz
Operating Voltage 240VAC+10% ~ -20%
Continues Current 135A
Alternate Withstand voltage 1.5 kV
Insulation Resistance > 50MΩ
Maximum Temperature Rise < 65°C (Terminal)
< 25°C (Circle)
Power Factor > 0.75
Instant Closing Current 1920A
Instant Interrupting Current 1600A

Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Rating Voltage 600V
Rating Current 150A , 1P
Interrupting Capacity 10kA rms sym

Switch Box ASTM-B85

Aluminum Alloy Die Casting SC102A
Surface Process Coating of Silver Powder
Type Number USL160