600V Cast Resin Splicing Kits

600V Cast Resin Splicing Kits

  • Standard:IEEE Std. C119.1


  • Two-component electrical grade epoxy resin mixing in bag, cured at room temperature, required no heating or other process.
  • High degree of mechanical strength for physical protection of conductors' connections.
  • Completely moisure and insulation resistant for direct burid and submerged applications up to AC 600V underground system.
  • Rigid, two-part transparent PVC molds, snapped around cable splices just in one snap action.
  • Within one minute after the resin is poured, the splice is ready for a long and reliable service life.
  • The electrical resin also features:
    • Flames retardant
    • Bonds to all modern cable jackets
    • Bonds to itself
    • Unique pack for mixing and pouring
    • Excellent multipurpose moisture sealing resin
  • Kit Contents: Molded body, End Cap, Electrical insulation resin, Cable tie, Abrasive strip andSplicing tape.
  • 2-main circuits + 2-branches.

Technical Data

Physical Properties
Color Black
Hardness 80 Shore A
Tensile Strength 10%↓
Moisture Absorption (wt. Gain , 168hrs. @90°C) 2.7%↓
Gel Time (23°C) (23°C) 13~15 min.
Electrical Properties
Voltage Class 600V AC
Insulation Resistance 2000M Ω↑
AC Withstand (60Hz, 1min.) (60Hz , 1min.) 2.2 kV↑
Dielectric Strength 450 V/mil↑
Type Number RMC22