Composite Line Post Insulators

Composite Line Post Insulators

  • Standard:IEEE Std. C29.7/C62.11


  • Fiberglass rod is made of highest grade material filled with electrical grade glass fiber.
  • Upper and lower fittings are made of Ductile-Iron with hot-dipped galvanized coating and mechanically crimped directly to the fiberglass rod.
  • Weathersheds are made of highest quality Silicone Rubber and are directly molded onto the fiberglass rod and metal fittings, totally weathering sealing and ensure lifetime operations.
    Long term weathering tests on complete insulators meetings IEEE C62.11 standards.

Technical Data

Type Numbers and Ratings 15kV Class 25kV Class
Color Dark Gray Dark Gray
Nominal Voltage 15kV 25kV
Max. Voltage L – L 15kV 25kV
Leakage Distance 530 ± 5mm 708 ± 5mm
Dry-Arc Distance 220 ± 3mm 272 ± 3mm
Min. Pin Height 268mm 310mm
Cantilever Strength Pounds (KN) 2800/12 2800/12
Low Frequency Dry Flashover 70kV 100kV
Low Frequency Wet Flashover 50kV 70kV
Critical Impulse Flashover, Positive 120kV 160kV
Max. RIV at 1000 kHz (Test Voltage) 100μV (22kV) 100μV (22kV)
Type Number CLP15 CLP25