Arc Silencer (Exhaust Control Device)

Arc Silencer (Exhaust Control Device)

  • Standard:IEEE Std. C37.46


  • Goodwell Type FS-850 Exhaust Control Device Includes Upper Contact Fitting, Arc Silencer and Lower End Fitting. The Applicable Power Fuse Units are Goodwell-PFX, S&C SMU–20.
  • Upper Contact Fitting: Arc contact probe in front of 8μm silver-plated main contact to protect contact from arc corrosion. A red-band indicator strike out and keep in place when fuse is in blown position.
  • Arc Silencer: High temperature resistant ceramic beads, powder – metallurgy silencing block, design to minimize fuse interruption noise at various interrupting current range.
  • Lower End Fitting: Solidly fixing fuse unit into silencer and provide 45° opening degree.

Technical Data

Applicable Power , Fuse Units Goodwell–PFX
S&C SMU–20
Noise Suppression 109dB at 30cm
105dB at 50cm
98dB at 100cm
Temperature Rise < 30°C
Continuous Current 200A
Interrupting Current 12.5kA rms. sym.
Type Number FS850