25.8kV 200A Power Fuse Mounting

25.8kV 200A Power Fuse Mounting

  • Standard:IEEE Std. C37.46


  • Single pole, single throw, 45° Opening for switching circuits up to 25kV.
  • One-piece molded loadbreak bushing with 25.8kV 200A arc-snuffering shuttle and 25kV 200A bushing well in one body, provides tough construction during live switching or fault closing operating.
  • 200A bushing well interface suitable for connection with 15/25kV 200A bushing inserts made in accordance with ANSI 386 standards, such as Eaton/Cooper, Hubbell, Elastimold.

Switching with Loadbreak Bushing

The loadbreak bushing offers the most convenient live-switching for linemen in operating or maintaining distribution system with specific power fuses. Simply uses a firm, steady opening pull on the fuse with a hookstick equipped with proper grip provides quick-break direct-drive action of the internal arc snuffering shuttle of the loadbreak bushing. Circuit interrupting is accomplished by the deionizing gases generated by thermal reaction of the arc on special formulated shuttle liner and moving arc-follower contact assembly, there is no external arc or flame.

At the end of the moving-contact opening stroke, the arc was distinguished, and the external current-carrying contacts part will be automatically self resetted, ready for next operation.

Circuit closing is even easier than opening, a soft swift stroke with a hookstick, circuit closing is completed.

Fault closing contact, located at the external current-carrying contact, provides circuit closing inrush currents and fault currents withstand capability.

Silver plated main contact, located at the external current-carrying contacts is surrounded and protected by fault closing contact.


  • Loadbreak bushing molded with 200A bushing well interface, made of 20-years life proven cycloaliphatic expoy. External current-carry contacts combining outer fault-closing contact and main silver-plated 8μmt contact.
  • Fuse hinge assembly consists 8μmt sliver-plated hinge contact and 45° Opening seat a two-hole terminal spade meets NEMA standard is made of 10umt tin-plated cooper.
  • Supporting insulator is made of cycloaliphatic expoxy meets ANSI C29.9 standards.
  • Channel base made of SS41 steel with 100μmt hot dipped galvanizing treatment meets ASTM A123 & A153 standards.


Goodwel Type 85-A Power Fuse Mounting is suitable for the follwing applications when combinging with S&C's SML power fuse. The application is limited to single pole dead or live switching duties in single or three phase circuits of distribution systems up to 25kV:

Live Open-Switching

  • Line or Cable Switching
    Load splitting, parallel or loop, and load dropping of currents up to 200Amp.
  • Transformer Switching
    Load up to 200Amp as well as transformer magnetizing currents associated with loads.

Live Close – Switching

  • Circuit Switching
    Inrush or fault closing current with above opening duties.