Fuse Cutout

Fuse Cutout

  • Standard:IEEE Std. C37.41


  • Choice of four different terminals terminals mount directly to the continuous contact leaf of hard drawn copper in the center of the cutout body.
  • Stainless steel coil spring supplies pressure for upper contacts.
  • Forged, Carbon Steel Mounting Stud, galvanized.
  • Large, cast bronze hookstick eye.
  • One-piece, solid porcelain insulator, birdproof.
  • All models and ratings use fiberglass fuse holders, synthesic fiber lined.
  • Hookstick eye for removing fuse holder.
  • All terminals are tinned; the 66-B can be connected.

To either copper or aluminum conductors.

Technical Data

Rating BIL kV Dimensions / mm Weight (Approximate) / kg.
95 395 250 265 6.3
125 395 290 355 7.5
Type Number 66B15 / 66B27