Premolded Cable Terminations

Premold Cable Terminators

  • Standard:IEEE Std. 48


  • EPDM polymer alloy / Heavy duty pollution application.
  • Each Outdoor Cable Terminators Kits consists one (1) Stress Cone, 4 to 9 pieces external leakage Insulation Skirt, one (1) non-pressure Seal Tape and one (1) full current rated compression Sleeve for conductors 22 mm2 up to 120 mm2 (option).
  • Designed and rated per IEEE Standard 48 for riser pole, pad-mount, indoor and outdoor applications.

Technical Data

Type Voltage Class Max. Volts to Ground AC Withstand 1 min. dry rms AC Withstand 10 sec. wet rms AC Withstand 6 hrs. dry rms
PQT15 15kV 9.5kV 50kV 45kV 35kV
Note: Indoor Terminations are not subject to wet tests.
Type Cyclic Aging Dry Rmss Max. RIV kV/μV Corona Extinction BIL Dry Crest DC Dry 15 min. avg
PQT15 26kV 9.5/50 13kV 110kV 75kV
Note: Indoor Terminations are not subject to wet tests.

Types & Selections

For 15kV XLPE Cable Conductors Type Number Number of Skirts Creepage Distance (mm) Strike Distance (mm) Insulation Diameter (mm)
22 mm2 PQT1501 4 420 219 14.7-17.2
30,38 mm2 PQT1502 4 420 219 17.0-19.9
60,80 mm2 PQT1503 4 420 219 19.6-23.0
100,120 mm2 PQT1504 4 420 219 22.6-26.9