15/25kV 200Amp Loadbreak Junction

15/25kV 200Amp Loadbreak Junction

  • Standard:ANSI / IEEE Std. 386
  • Features:Pure copper bus / 100% PD tested

Goodwell's Load-break Junction provides three selections, two, three or four way, each type are internally bused connected. When mated with compatible elbow connector products, the junction provides a fully shielded, submersible, separable connection for loadbreak operation. Loadbreak junctions are used in pad-mounted apparatus, underground vaults, and other apparatus to sectionalize, establish loops, taps, or splices, and to facilitate apparatus change out.

These Junctions have been tested in accordance with the requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 386-2006, Separable Insulated Connector Systems for Power Distribution Systems above 600 Volts.

Technical Data

Voltage and Current Ratings 15kV Class 25kV Class
Operating Voltage
Maximum Phase-to-Phase 14.4kV 26.3kV
Maximum Phase-to-Ground 8.3kV 15.2kV
Withstand Voltage
AC: 50Hz or 60Hz , 60 sec 34kV 40kV
DC: 15 minutes 53kV 78kV
Impulse Voltage Withstand
1.2 x 50μs 95kV 125kV
Corona Extinction Level
< 3 pC 11kV 19kV
Continuous Current 200Amp 200Amp
Symmetrical Momentary Current 10kA sym. for 10 cycles (0.17s)
Type Number LJP122 LJP222
LJP123 LJP223
LJP124 LJP224