600V Power Reactor

600V Power Reactor



To be connected in series, with power capacitor to eliminate all level of power line harmonics.


  • Vaccum - immersed coating with insulating paint, excellent dielectric strength.
  • Higher linear characteristics, high overloading capacity.
  • 120°C over-temp protection.
  • Low power loss.

Technical Data

Standards VDE0550/0532 , IEC76
Rated Voltage 50/60Hz , 100V-660V
Rated Power 0.1Kvar-100Kvar
Reacting Ratio 5% , 7% , 13.5%
Cooling Method Nature cooling

Application Data

3 Phase 480V Ractor vs. Capacitor (XL/XC=7%)

Type Number Reactor Power Capacity Capacitor's Power Cap. Reference Dimensions
L*W*H (mm)
GPR348077 0.7Kvar 10Kvar 203*140*149
GPR348107 1.05Kvar 15Kvar 231*150*168
GPR348147 1.4Kvar 20Kvar 231*153*168
GPR348177 1.75Kvar 25Kvar 232*170*208
GPR348217 2.1Kvar 30Kvar 232*173*208
GPR348287 2.8Kvar 40Kvar 270*190*214
GPR348357 3.5Kvar 50Kvar 290*185*235
GPR348427 4.2Kvar 60Kvar 290*190*234
GPR348497 4.9Kvar 70Kvar 295*188*260
GPR348567 5.6Kvar 80Kvar 290*195*264